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Capoeira in Winter


Dear fans of capoeira!

The winter semester at the universities starts this month and we can offer you three courses:

All classes are for beginners and advanced students.

Enrollment is in full swing!

Capoeira with Mestre Lêo is Brazilian self-defense, including getting to know all capoeira instruments and songs. Plus, of course, a capoeira roda at the end of the training!

Check it out!

Besides you have an alternative for evening classes: on Mondays we train in Friedrichshain, starting at 8:00 pm for two hours!

Enrollment and further information:




Capoeira workshop in Karlshorst

coming up in December



Rio between Heaven and Hell

30 min.

Rio de Janeiro has always been a very unique metropolis. But especially nowadays, the Samba capital is moving more and more into focus. Rio is „in“, and increasingly becoming a venue for major events. South America correspondent Michael Stocks shows Rio de Janeiro that tourists do not know.


Brazil: Sale in the Rainforest

14 min.

Agricultural disaster: deforestation in the Amazon region of Brazil increases dramatically in order to meet the demand of industrialized nations for tropical wood, beef and animal feed. Some activists like Maria Ivete Bastos dos Santos stand up for the rights of small farmers and agricultural laborers and fight to protect the rainforest.


Copacabana – The Pursuit of Happiness

43 min.

Copacabana, the most famous beach in Rio de Janeiro – considered a dream and center of entertainment – is a myth of carefree life made of sun, sand and sea.


Gone with the Wind

43 min.

Walking through the Sahara of Brazil: „Lencois Maranhenses“ is an extensive dune area on the north coast of Brazil. The only Brazilian desert ranges up to 40 km inland. Between the dunes there are sometimes lake formations due to the relatively high rainfall. This makes the area a unique natural experience.


„Capoeira means for me the source of joy and energy. It strenghtens my identity and personality. Capoeira is art, fight, dance, balance and wisdom.“

Mestre Lêo Gonçalves

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