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Opportunities to contribute

There are various ways in which you can support our multifaceted projects in Germany and Brazil, which we outline below. You are warmly invited to attend our meetings, or of course join us to carry out one or other of these projects.

One-off donations

A one-off donation supports our project work in Germany and in Brazil make leaps and bounds in helping us to improve prospects for children and teenagers who’ve had an unlucky start in life. We take our Capoeira to youth centres, children’s homes, orphanages and schools for handicapped children, thus adding healthier prospects for life.

We are happy to supply a certificate of donation.


If you are interested in our cultural work and want to support our cultural association or our sport clubs and after-school programmes for teenagers with our sports association you can help us further our goals. For a minimum monthly contribution of 7 € we will keep you updated of all our important projects and you are welcome to visit our events!

We are happy to supply a certificate of donation.

Contributing member

With an annual contribution of 100 € or more we offer you the opportunity to continuously support our project work without the need for participation in meetings and events.

We are happy to supply a certificate of donation.


We will keep you personally informed about opportunities for sponsorship in the following areas:


Guardianship for a street child, taken in by our Brazilian head association Capitães de Areia. In addition to day-to-day care, your support will provide for schoolbooks and clothing. Minimum contribution: 10 € per month.

Please contact us for further information!

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