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The Capitães de Areia Association in Berlin

Berlin’s Capitães de Areia association was founded on 25 December 1994 as a branch of the correspondingly named association in Nanuque/Minas Gerais, Brazil. The name, Capitães de Areia, originates from the term used to describe homeless children in Brazil, „the captains of the sands“, who live in the streets and on beaches of Salvador da Bahia. Jorge Amado, one of the most eminent writers in Brazil who wrote his great Bahia-Cycle in the 1930’s, dedicated the sixth and final volume, „The Captains of the Sands“, to these children. Our central Brazilian office has been looking after local street children and disadvantaged teenagers for over 30 years now.

In 2001 we founded a branch of Capitães de Areia in Poznan, Poland. Today, in no less than six Polish cities, there are opportunities for people of all ages to become involved with Capoeira. A get-together of Polish-German youth (in the form of Capoeira workshops with batizado) takes place at least once a year, to which different Capoeira teachers are invited each time.

We are a recognised non-profit charity organisation for cultural exchange and understanding, whose objective is the promotion and fostering of Afro-Brazilian culture primarily through socio-cultural work and the teaching of Capoeira in Berlin.

In addition to the members of the associations there are about 40 to 50 honorary friends and colleagues involved in diverse related projects, whose generous help and enthusiastic support have become indispensable.

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